Curtains in Bkk

Nowadays many residents of Bangkok install a double layer of curtains, on the outside are the blackout curtains for blocking sunlight, while on the inside layer (the layer closer to the wall), they install an off-white layer of sheers. The sheers making the house or apartment seem more homely, not to add also that the … Continue reading Curtains in Bkk

Curtains Color

White: Makes your room look bigger, and makes everything look clean Black: Makes your room look gloomy and lonely Red: Makes your room look bright, lively, but also a bit hot Green: Makes your room look peaceful, serene, and calm Silver: Very modern color and suits a black and white house concept Gray: Also another … Continue reading Curtains Color

Tab top curtains

Such a weird name for curtains right? Tab top curtains, sounds like a name of a cartoon character. Well, I am not sure whether there are other names for this type of curtain, but basically it uses buttons at the top of the curtains, the curtain materials are used to make “ears” which are used … Continue reading Tab top curtains